What is Keto ice cream?

The Keto diet is growing in popularity around the country but still, no ice creams have been produced that actually fit the Ketogenic diet. Our founder was tired of hearing about these so-called Keto ice creams (Halo Top) with plenty of sugar and carbs to spare and decided to produce a Keto ice cream that will be available online for consumers to purchase in February. Here are some questions answered by the Louis Armstrong our founder, regarding the upcoming product.

What is Keto ice cream?


“It is an ice cream developed specifically to fit the ketogenic diet. By formulation, it is really similar to traditional ice cream! The major difference is cutting out all the added sugar and getting it to be Low Carb. It also has more fat than you'd see in a lot of premium, high dollar ice creams. We are sitting right around 20% in our formulas and most of the premium ice creams are between 14-16%”

Why are you making it?  

“Selfishly for myself and the people I have been promising it to for the last year! Our high protein ice creams really don't fit in as they lack the fat to really be considered"keto" and too much protein. I started hearing about keto a couple years ago and really started getting interested when my favorite podcasters began talking about it - the benefits its linked to are hard to ignore. The ketogenic diet is the only diet I've personally tried and it can be difficult to maintain if you haven't eaten in this style - we want to help make it easier. I'm a food scientist and we have our own creamery, so I finally dove into perfecting this formula, ingredient sourcing and getting it to market.   We are proud to support the amazing keto community of healthy minded people that are changing their lives and people around them.”

What are some of the ingredients we can expect to see in the ice cream? Is it actually Keto?

“Yes, it is designed specifically for Keto! There are plenty of products that you can "make work" in a keto diet, but why not have one that fits right in - High fat, moderate protein, and low carb. Are fat sources are cream & MCT oil (from coconut). Our sweetener is an erythritol/stevia blend that keeps the net carbs down to right at 1-2 per serving. The other ingredients are classic to ice creams.”

When will this be available?

“Early February - sign up and stay tuned.”


Make sure to sign up to be notified of our online store launch. The Keto ice cream will become available at the time of this launch. Stay tuned!

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Written by
Tate Glasgow

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