The keto diet and it's health benefits

When the Keto diet is followed in a healthy manner there is evidence that it could be beneficial to your overall health and wellness. Recently the diet has gained traction for its potential weight loss benefits. Anyone from the significantly overweight to the high-end athlete can see potential benefits when using this diet. Most dietitians recommend that you eat a low carb, high-fat diet in short calculated spurts to see its benefits.

May aid in weight loss

It takes much more work for your body to turn fat into energy than it does to turn carbohydrates into energy. It is for that reason that the Keto diet is used for weight loss. With the diets moderate protein intake it doesn’t leave you feeling empty like some of the other popular weight loss diets out there.

Could help with the treatment of cancer

Studies have shown a possible correlation with the Ketogenic diet and the treatment of certain types of cancers. According to an article written in Medical News Today, “the ketogenic diet may be a suitable complementary treatment to chemotherapy and radiation in people with cancer. This is due to the fact that it would cause more oxidative stress in cancer cells than in normal cells” (Gotter, 2017).

Not only is it a possible complimentary diet to chemotherapy treatments. It is also suggested that the keto diet is beneficial to healing as cancer cells cannot feed on ketones which the diet creates within your body. The lack of glucose in the bloodstream may help fight against the cancer cells.

Shown to improve heart health

There are healthy fats (avocados) and unhealthy fats (trans fats). The Keto diet, when followed correctly by eating healthy fats, has been shown to increase HDL (good cholesterol) and lower LDL (bad cholesterol) in the human body.

Potentially increases brain functioning

Although it's been shown that you could see increased alertness and brain functioning with the Ketogenic diet. It is obvious that more research is needed on the topic. Some studies claim that the diet can also help Parkinsons and Alzheimer's patients live more comfortably.

Reduces acne

In regards to acne reduction, your diet is usually a huge cause of an outbreak. A diet full of carbohydrates and sugar is likely to cause an uptick in acne because of the large fluctuation in blood sugar levels and its relationship with your gut. A diet high in fat, such as the Keto diet reduces carbs and sugar to a bare minimum. The reduction in those macros will also cause a reduction your acne outbreaks.


The Keto diet can be an awesome diet alternative for some people. Much research is being done on the topic and the benefits have already shown to be rather impressive. Please make sure that you take both the good and bad into consideration when making decisions regarding your health and always do your research on the topic.

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