How To Take Criticism Like A Boss 

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Each one of us has received criticism in our lives. Whether it be at the office, at home, or at the gym. Criticism is a part of life that we will never be able to avoid completely. I know I have had my fair share of criticisms and I also know that I haven’t handled them the best I probably could have. Looking back at some of these situations, I've come up with these five tactics to help you take criticism like a boss. 

Wait out your emotions 

I will start out with what I think is the most important skill you can have when responding to criticism. No matter how long you practice, if you care about the thing that someone is criticising you tend to react negatively and feel humiliated. Humiliation can be devastating to your brain and cause long-lasting effects, even more so than anger or happiness. Learn how to manage those reactions and before responding to the critic take some time to calm down and relax. You will thank yourself and the critic will thank you as well.

Respond calmly 

A negative response to criticism ads fuel to an already burning fire. As humans, we are expected to react negatively to criticism. Who likes criticism naturally? But this reaction is also what the critic is looking to receive. Why not shock them with your calm and cool demeanor? Responding in a calm and educated fashion shows the criticizer you are not only a professional but someone worth listening too and learning from. 

Manage your stress 

Not only is this important to think about in regards to your overall health. It is important that stress is managed so you can turn negative situations into positives and avoid conflict.

Less stress = less conflict 

There are some great ways to manage stress but the most effective ways seem to be the most natural. Eat right, and exercise. You don’t need to lift heavy weight although it’ll help. Getting outside for a long walk or doing 50 push-ups in your living room will help relieve some of that stress or anger.

Repeat what you heard

I remember thinking that my best friend was a complete (you know what) after he mentioned something about my training regimen. Not only did I want to throw punches but I thought it was completely uncalled for. Seeing as he is my friend I decided to let it go for a little while and try and calm down. During that process, I repeated what he said over and over in my head and realized that he was actually right. I needed to make that change and I WAS doing something wrong. If I would have reacted in the moment I wouldn’t have been able to come to that conclusion and make the change. A change that benefited me in the long run. 

Keep moving 

Most of us are familiar with the great Rocky Balboa but his speech in this movie is amazing. A must watch. No matter what people say, trust your gut and take the risks that you believe in. If you get criticized for work but you're passionate about what you are doing, take it with a grain of salt and trust your abilities. Take the steps provided above and make a good decision based on what you believe.

This world is full of critics. Don’t let it ruin your hope, joy, and success. They will always be there. Use the tips above to understand ways in which you can take criticism and turn it into something amazing. 

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Written by 
Tate Glasgow 
Co-Founder/Marketing Lead
Killer Whey!

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